Procedures to Market Fitness Training

Procedures to market fitness training are much like procedures used in just about every other business. But they’re also an important set of topics for most any fitness trainer, especially one who may just be getting started. Marketing and advertising also go together. One is a little more conceptual than the other, but both are needed to ensure the success of just about any fitness business.

Let’s face it: This is the age of the Internet, and anybody who’s serious about a business will have a good-quality website up and available for visits as quickly as they can. Just make sure it’s not filled with spelling errors, confusing or misleading information and bad grammar. It also needs to relate to the audience its trying to reach, which is people who may want fitness training. And try to avoid making the site all about you as a fitness coach.

Consider this: People may not know you or even care about you. But they do know what their fitness is or isn’t like, and they might want a bit of training that gets them back into shape. So, set up the site to talk mostly about them and just a bit about the trainer. Keep in mind that you’re a businessperson. So, use sound business practices.

After all that, it’ll become a matter of increasing the site’s presence on the Web. This means increasing site traffic. You can do this by writing up some fitness articles and getting them out on the ‘Net, and also by maybe using the Internet to do some advertising.

Articles are a fine tool to have in the marketing toolkit when it comes to increasing viewership at a website. People are always looking for articles on just about anything, in Internet article directories. So give them some on fitness. Some readers might then go visit your own site, which will be listed at the bottom of the article. And the more visits you get, the higher the page rank you usually earn. Do it right, and you can move your site into a search engine’s first few pages, which is where most people look for information. And they don’t usually go much past the third page in search of things, sad to say. Also, relatively inexpensive Internet ads can be taken out. They can also be of some help to the new fitness coaching business.

Additionally, make traditional marketing activities like flyers, brochures and business cards a part of any campaign. Have them sent out in a wide area, too. It’s important that you have an intelligent marketing plan that can be reviewed at least weekly, and then changed to reflect current realities. There are items known as salesletters which can be effective in the right set of circumstances. Have one developed and then sent out to a list of email subscribers. You can buy it from a list seller. These are folks who like getting emails, which is how they ended up on such a list in the first place.

Fitness training is also about increasing word of mouth, so hit the health fairs, local athletic events and road races and such. Pass out flyers and brochures. And don’t be afraid to spread business cards around. You can also give people something of value, like a complimentary exercise plan that you’ve written up. It’s a free thing, which tends to make them more willing to stop for a moment and consider what you’re pitching to them as far as signing up for fitness training.